Saturday, April 28

Latest Smart Phone

Oh crikey! I won last weeks contest with the lifeboat cartoon! Which was nice. Really nice. So I got to set the contest for this week. The theme is PHONE. Here's this weeks entry.

Saturday, April 21

A Grand Edwardian Cartoon.

As is usual at this time of week, I have entered that cartoon caption contest thingy over at the CCGB public forums. I'm a little concerned that it'll be a low turn out this week, as it's also the weekend of the Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival. Something which I would have liked to have attended myself, but circumstances once again prevent me (was moving house last year).

I'm still struggling with colour matching my main monitor and the Cintiq monitor, but this one hasn't turned out too badly (colour match wise). Does it look a little on the green side to you? I have no idea. Now if everyone would kindly colour match their monitors and get back to me.

I need to know.

UPDATE: This cartoon won first place in the contest! A very big thank you to all those who voted for it and congratulations to fellow podium winners, Tim Cordell and Omri

Friday, April 20

Wait until you've got the job...

Monday, April 16

Nazis are a waste of time.

I drew this cartoon for the CCGB caption contest, but I didn't enter it. I chose this one instead: 

Probably a mistake. I've been drawing far too many Nazi jokes of late. I'm starting to think there's no demand for them.

Old ladies with vacuum cleaners in seedy hotels is far more popular, I am telling myself.