Saturday, March 31

Fuel Panic

Oh! Two cartoons in one day? Yes. But the reason I posted this was because it has a very short shelf life (I hope). I'm not going to label this as an hilarious cartoon about policemen making people put petrol back where they got it from because it's now illegal to panic buy anything, even if the Government tell you to.

Firstly, it isn't really hilarious. And it's a little stale. Might have had more impact yesterday, when the crisis was at it's height, but unfortunately I was busy using my petrol to get to work at the time. I think today, people are just sitting at home watching their Biker Grove DVD box sets with full tanks of petrol in both their cars sitting outside, feel a little bored, but ever so slightly smut. And that's what it's all about. Feeling smug and having something that other people haven't got.

I have a giant box of cream eggs downstairs, and you probably don't. Beat that, panic buying public!

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