Saturday, March 31

Fuel Panic

Oh! Two cartoons in one day? Yes. But the reason I posted this was because it has a very short shelf life (I hope). I'm not going to label this as an hilarious cartoon about policemen making people put petrol back where they got it from because it's now illegal to panic buy anything, even if the Government tell you to.

Firstly, it isn't really hilarious. And it's a little stale. Might have had more impact yesterday, when the crisis was at it's height, but unfortunately I was busy using my petrol to get to work at the time. I think today, people are just sitting at home watching their Biker Grove DVD box sets with full tanks of petrol in both their cars sitting outside, feel a little bored, but ever so slightly smut. And that's what it's all about. Feeling smug and having something that other people haven't got.

I have a giant box of cream eggs downstairs, and you probably don't. Beat that, panic buying public!

Dentist Cartoon.

Monday, March 26

Prime Minister No Question time...

Sunday, March 25

Bad Lion Cartoon.

You can get some interesting effect by saving artwork in 8 colour Gifs, and using dither>>pattern. This is a doodle, that developed into a Lion, of sorts. 

Wednesday, March 21

Fugly Jamspot

Fugly Jamspot has joined the bar room now. I am going to stop with this now. I don't even drink, so what do I know about bars?

In space no one can hear you updating.

Hmm. Not sure about this one. It's a doodle that got out of hand, I think. Still, if you've suffered the dreaded Windows is updating message, when you really need to be getting on with other, more interesting stuff, you might relate to this cartoon.

Tuesday, March 20

new beer licking, wine drinking, ale swigging picture

This is just expanding and expanding. The picture from yesterday was a little, er, unfinished. Richard Skipworth suggested adding some more characters, which I did. I think it's worked well. I drew the new people separately and then added them to the previous picture. So they might pop up in other pictures at some point.  

Monday, March 19

Lick it up.

Inspired by the work of Sue Burleigh I drew this. Not a cartoon in the true sense, more of an observational illustration. But it is a cartoon really! I've never drawn hands with so much detail before! I must stop using exclamation marks in my posts!

See more of Sue's work here (if you haven't worked the above link). Not sure if you have to join the group to see them. Sue does not appear to have a website at the moment.


Saturday, March 17

Silent Evil.

The Cartoonist Club Of Great Britain public forum has a weekly cartoon contest. The previous winner sets the theme or caption for the following week. Here's my entry for this week's contest. It's a silent theme of Evil this week. I'm not sure if that means I'm supposed to be Evil and draw something like this, or what?

If you draw cartoons, I really do recommend you join the forum and join in with the contest. It's great fun and really gets your cartoon mind working.

Tuesday, March 13

Thanks for calling by

This is a rework of a previous cartoon that appeared in B&W. Not sure how much is added by applying colour?

Here's the previous cartoon, without colour:

The computer is working much better since the re-install. Thanks for asking. I suppose it's important to give yourself a fresh install once in a while, and it has been a very long while. My computer has been running on the same install since 2007. So it had got all messed up with software, and left over crap. And I suppose this cartoon is a bit like that...

Monday, March 12

My New Blog.

Welcome to my new cartoon blog.

My name is Steven, and I've been drawing cartoons for a long time. I started over 6 hours ago, and quite frankly I'm exhausted now. I think I need a rest, like a need a new keyboard, as this one's space bar appears to be broken.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to upload lots more content over the new few days, so please do bookmark this site and come back every now and then.