Saturday, September 29

What's wrong?

This week's CCGB entry.

Sunday, September 23

Hats off.

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Saturday, September 15

CCGB caption contest (theme RUGBY)

Thursday, September 13

Terry Lander rewrites.

@lyvit (Terry Lander) suggested an alternative caption, which I've placed on the cartoon. I think it works much better. Thanks Terry.

Goodbye NHS, hello crap caption...

Oh, look at me getting all political. Not really. I think the punchline doesn't really work. I'm crap at lines. Open to suggestions for improvement. Leave a comment if you can think of a better caption (along the same lines, but er...better!)

I can only apologise once again for the terrible caption I set for the CCGB contest. I thought it was really broad. It seems most people thought it was very difficult. Record low turnout for the contest? Amazingly Ivortoons won the contest, and then promptly set another very difficult theme, but we're not allowed to talk about that until after voting has closed next Monday.