Saturday, August 25


Sunday, August 19

Wookie Whole.

This is the first time I've ever drawn a Wookie. To think, he started as a nudist. Kind of gone the very opposite of that, but I think it works. I think that's the best way to approach drawing gags. Allow it to evolve. The original drawing was very different. I even drew a weird sea creature in it at one point:

Drawn over the last few days. Little bit at a time, as the weather has been so hot. Did not relish sitting over my Cintiq for hours on end. That's it. I'm done for the drawing for a little while. I'm going to sunbathe in a Wookie costume.......

Sunday, August 12

Prehistoric Times Cartoon.

For the CCGB caption contest thingy.

Sunday, August 5

Don't Panic.

This is my entry for this weeks cartoon contest. It's the forth cartoon I drew. The others were terrible. Really awful. So to me, this one looks reasonably good. I hope the others agree.

*it is NOT possible to draw a Nun in a wet suit, and still make it look like a Nun, BTW!